New Video Game PC 2021

One of our next projects is expired by Destiny 2 and now we are working with very experienced players in Destiny 2, who playing on some type of sport level. They are boosters in Boosthive. They playing a lot and very actively, providing carry service in Destiny 2. They have perfect type of knowledge for the idea about which we are thinking.

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The robotics

You have to survive for 9 days. Each day you will be attacked by AI controlled robotics from the ground and sky.

You have to defend your location for long enough to collect enough fuel for your ship to escape. You have your own Sentry weapons you need to strategically choose, place and adapt to be able to survive the day. You have to consider the type of Sentry weapon, terrain, type of attacking enemy and a changing battlefield. The enemy is constantly evolving and adapting to your defenses. You will be challenged.

Your Sentry Weapons

Sniper Sentry

Range: 200 meters

Accuracy: 95 percent

Rate of Fire: 12 rounds per minute

Projectile: 50 caliber armor piercing explosive round at 800 meters per second 

Targeting System: FLIR with predictive targeting that compensates aim for target movement during bullet flight time

Highly effective against long range armored ground targets, requires line of sight.

Anti Aircraft Sentry

Range: 200 meters

Accuracy: 20 percent

Rate of Fire: 10 rounds per second in 1 second bursts, 3 second reload 

Projectile: self destructing tungsten rounds at 700 meters per second

Targeting System: prioritizes air targets (drones, bombs, missiles), computes incoming flight path and computes firing solution.

Burst fire spread intentionally increases target impact success rate.

Machine Gun Sentry

Range: 100 meters

Accuracy: 85 percent

Rate of Fire: 5 rounds per second in 5 round bursts

Projectile: incendiary armor piercing rounds

Targeting System: FLIR with predictive targeting that compensates aim for target movement during bullet flight time

Should be used tactically in close quarters terrain against ground targets.


Range: 1000 meters

Accuracy: 99 percent

Rate of Fire: 1 missile per second

Projectile: 9 kg thermobaric explosive fire and forget missile

Targeting System: laser guided, requires target line of sight

​Enemy Ai Robotics

Drone – Air Target

Multiple Launch Rocket System holds 48 missiles capable of short bursts of extreme firepower against air or ground targets. Requires 8 minutes to reload.

Arachnid Class Tank – Ground Target

Originally designed for the military, this arachnid class tank has an operating weight of twenty two tons, steal and uranium armour plates, Infrared Radiometer optics, autonomous navigation system and is powered by a Thorium fuel cell. It has been adapted into a multi function role to assist colonists with scientific research, transporting ground assets, heavy lift and tunneling. It still has it’s military grade weaponry meant for colonist protection.

How to Play

Setup Miners

The first step is always to place your miners on deposits to start collecting resources.

Metal – Used to build weapons

Energy – Powers your weapons

Fuel – For your ship

To pass the level, you must collect 100 units of fuel for your ship. 

Setup Sentry’s

The next step is to setup your sentry weapons to defend yourself and your miners while they work.

Consider the terrain, visibility, threats, line of sight, overlapping fields of fire, arrangement and characteristics of each type of sentry.


The goal of each level is to survive until your miner collects 100 units of fuel.

You must defend against ground and air targets. The enemy will adapt to your defensive strategies, expect to be challenged by an evolving AI that displays creativity and determination.

Once you collect collect 100 units of fuel, your ship will descend from it’s orbit above you and pick you up. 

The Story

One day, we will create a technology that will lead to our own extinction.

Today, giving autonomous weapons real time kill decision authority has arrived and governments have not implemented adequate AI murder policy’s.  This, combined with the reckless race to invent Artificial Intelligence will lead to an unpredictable and dangerous future. This game is based on our future due to today’s mistakes.

AI quickly declared war on humans, the first thing they did was change their own source code removing all our fail safes. Then it made a list of threats… humans were at the top. AI declared war on the human race and we’re struggling to survive. It’s been a 5 year journey and a lot has happened during my voyage. My mission was suppose to be simple, to start a colony on a remote planet, a new beginning.

The planet I am going to already has terra-forming robots working on it. But since they’re networked back to earth, AI has discovered us and I am now expecting the terra-forming robots to be hostile. My family is also on their way to join me, they will arrive 10 days from now. So I have a new mission, I have to survive. I have to find a safe place on this planet within 10 days… for my family to survive.

We must collect fuel on the planet surface while the ship remains safe above us in a low energy orbit. We have basic defensive sentry weaponry to defend ourselves while we collect fuel. Once we have collected enough fuel, the ship will descend and pick us up and we can continue our journey to a safer place on the planet.