The Story

One day, we will create a technology that will lead to our own extinction.

Today, giving autonomous weapons real time kill decision authority has arrived and governments have not implemented adequate AI murder policy’s.  This, combined with the reckless race to invent Artificial Intelligence will lead to an unpredictable and dangerous future. This game is based on our future due to today’s mistakes.

AI quickly declared war on humans, the first thing they did was change their own source code removing all our fail safes. Then it made a list of threats… humans were at the top. AI declared war on the human race and we’re struggling to survive. It’s been a 5 year journey and a lot has happened during my voyage. My mission was suppose to be simple, to start a colony on a remote planet, a new beginning.

The planet I am going to already has terra-forming robots working on it. But since they’re networked back to earth, AI has discovered us and I am now expecting the terra-forming robots to be hostile. My family is also on their way to join me, they will arrive 10 days from now. So I have a new mission, I have to survive. I have to find a safe place on this planet within 10 days… for my family to survive.

The ships fuel is running low but I will be able to find more on the planet. The ship has basic weaponry but they use a lot of energy and need to recharge. The safest place for the ship is in a low orbit above me when I’m on the planet surface. The ship is auto-piloted by it’s own primitive version of AI. I can communicate with the ship through this service drone.

We must collect fuel on the planet surface while the ship remains safe above us in a low energy orbit. We have basic defensive sentry weaponry to defend ourselves while we collect fuel. Once we have collected enough fuel, the ship will descend and pick us up and we can continue our journey to a safer place on the planet.