How to Play

How to Play

Setup Miners

The first step is always to place your miners on deposits to start collecting resources.

Metal – Used to build weapons

Energy – Powers your weapons

Fuel – For your ship

To pass the level, you must collect 100 units of fuel for your ship. 

Setup Sentry’s

The next step is to setup your sentry weapons to defend yourself and your miners while they work.

Consider the terrain, visibility, threats, line of sight, overlapping fields of fire, arrangement and characteristics of each type of sentry.


The goal of each level is to survive until your miner collects 100 units of fuel.

You must defend against ground and air targets. The enemy will adapt to your defensive strategies, expect to be challenged by an evolving AI that displays creativity and determination.

Once you collect collect 100 units of fuel, your ship will descend from it’s orbit above you and pick you up.